Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When a notification is issued?
A: When a test fails a notification about downtime is sent (you can choose to be notified after second or third following failed test to ignore temporary problems).

Q: Who monitores system when is down?
A: Measurment is pefrormed independently by two servers. If main serwer is not working properly other servers will check your sites and register results.

Q: How do you avoid false notifications?
A: Every monitoring station is able to detect problems with it's own network (all measurments gave timeout error). In this case no notifications are sent. You can enable delayed notifications (after 2nd or third failue) to skip temporarty problems.

Q: How measurment is performed?
A: Site-uptime sends every 30/15/5/1 minutes HEAD request to monitored URLs and checks for HTTP status.

Q: How do you determine if a server is "up"?
A: We check if returned page has HTTP code 200 or it's a redirect code (30* family).

Q: How can I display my uptime reports publicly?
A: For every registred report you will find a link to public (read-only) view of reports.

Q: How can I display a banner with uptime on my webpage?
A: You have "uptime:" baner on your page with reports. You can get the image link (updated daily) and place it on your page. You can redirect this link (a href) to public report.